Summer Pet Safety Tips from Muirfield Animal Hospital

Summer Pet Safety Tips from Muirfield Animal Hospital

Summer days are here- the sun, the sand, and, of course, the heat! Most people know that there are important safety steps that you need to take to protect yourself from the sun and high temperatures. But there’s also a lot you need to do to keep your pets safe too.

Let’s take a look at the most important summer safety tips so that you can keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Cool It Down

Just like you or me, our pets need to have plenty of water and shade when they’re outside on a hot summer day. If you’re taking your dog for a walk, take them out in the early morning or later in the evening when it’s not as hot. Dog paws hate hot pavement, so try to avoid this or get them booties to keep their skin happy.

Do NOT Leave Your Pet in the Car

It takes just 30 minutes for the inside of a car to reach 120 degrees when it’s 75 degrees outside. If it’s 85 degrees outside, the inside of the car will hit 90 degrees in only five minutes. There’s no reason to risk it. Make sure if you must bring your pet with you that you’re traveling to stores or shops that allow pets inside. Or leave them at home with someone who can take care of them.

If you see an animal in a hot car, call 911 or find the owner immediately. Stay by the car until help arrives.

Check for Warning Signs

Heatstroke doesn’t only affect people. It can harm your pets as well. There are common side effects of heatstroke that you can keep an out for, and if you see any of these, take your pet to the vet immediately:

  • Heavy, rapid panting
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Excessive or sticky, thick drool
  • Severe fatigue and/or weakness
  • Stumbling, dizziness, or trouble walking or standing
  • Vomiting

Additionally, pets with flat faces, like Pugs and Persian cats, can get heatstroke more easily because they can’t pant as efficiently. These pets and elderly, overweight, and heart or lung-diseased pets should remain in cool, air-conditioned rooms.

Muirfield Animal Hospital specializes in emergency medicine for pets. If you suspect heatstroke, call us or bring your pet in right away.

Poison Protection

Outdoor chemicals can do serious harm to your pets. Weed killers, fertilizers, and pool chemicals are toxic to our furry friends. Keep these chemicals safely stored away from pets and children. If you do think your dog or cat got into any of these substances, bring them into our offices. We’ll provide you with the emergency care they need.

Tag Your Pet

Did you know that July 5th is the busiest day of the year for shelters? The fireworks are often terrifying for our dogs and cats, and many will try to run away from the loud sounds and get lost. Ensure you’ll always be able to locate your pet by giving them a microchip. You’ll also want to make sure their registration information is current. Keep your pets safe inside during fireworks and storms, and keep their collars on at all times.

It’ll also be beneficial to keep your pets inside on the 4th or any day where there are fireworks because the explosives can cause severe burns or injuries. Make sure they don’t chew on any unused fireworks either.

Don’t Forget Their Checkups

Checkups are a part of regular healthcare for not only people but their pets as well. Make sure you’re scheduling their regular exams with our office so that we can keep an eye on their health and find any issues when they’re still small. We’ll also ensure they are up-to-date on their flea and heartworm medications. This preventative care is especially important during the warmer month when your pet is outside more often and includes protection from parasiticides.

Practice Pool Safety

Don’t leave your pets unattended near a pool. You can’t count on your pet to be a good swimmer. Have flotation devices available when on boats or near pools, and be sure to rinse your dog after swimming to remove chlorine or salt. You’ll also want to stop your dog from drinking pool water because of the chlorine and other chemicals.

Watch Those Windows

Open, unscreened windows are dangerous for pets because they can fall out. Keep all unscreened windows or doors closed, and make sure your adjustable screens are tightly secured. If you need some airflow, screened windows are much safer.

Hot Weather Hair Cuts

Giving your dog or cat a trim during the summer is fine, but don’t shave them. Your pet’s layers of fur protect them from overheating and sunburn. If you’d like to help your cat, you can brush them more often, which can keep them cooler. Lastly, if you’re using sunscreen or insect repellant on your pets, be sure it’s safe for animals.

Our Urgent Care Services

Sudden illnesses or injuries can happen at any time. We trained all the staff at Muirfield Animal Hospital to triage these cases over the phone and determine if the condition or injury can be treated here or if a referral clinic such as Medvet or OSU Veterinary Hospital could serve you better. Whatever your pet needs, we’ll do everything we can to help you.

We can provide emergency care for many situations, so please contact us if you think your pet is experiencing any of the above issues.

We also understand that our clients are busy with work and family, so we offer drop-off appointments to accommodate them. Your dog or cat will receive the same level of care and attention as you were present. In fact, they may get a few extra snuggles and treats from our staff!